Speech Topics

Gender Authenticity in the workplace

Why creating a work environment that allows for gender diversity creates innovative thinking, and increased work satisfaction.

Creating Environments of Acceptance

Whether in a work place or in a temporary event space, there are considerations that can offer a more accepting experience to all attendees.

Gender Fluidity and Retail

Growing awareness and visibility surrounding transgender issues in recent years may make teenagers more comfortable with steering away from traditional gender labels, experts say. How will this affect the future of retail, and online shopping, as more consumers are looking for more diversity in product and shopping experience

About Ron Renee


Ron Renee Roley (They/Them) is the Sr. Event Manager for Global Events at Nike, Inc, creating first class consumer events for Nike and its affiliates for the past 13 years. They have also developed unique experiential offsites that enable inspiration and innovation for designers.  

They came out at Nike as queer and gender fluid in 2018, and since then have been helping drive initiative's such as pronoun usage, protecting Trans workers rights, gender neutral bathrooms, “I’ll go with you” during travel, and being a visible activist vocalizing the need for personal expression and authenticity.

Prior to Nike, they were the Corporate Development Manager for the Portland Art Museum, using events to help successfully raise $100 million in 2.5 years. They were also a Lecture Agent for some of the top public speakers and authors in the world at the preeminent firm The Leigh Bureau.

From 1986 to 2001, they were a world-class bicycle racer. While riding, they were the Innovation Design Consultant for InSport for 6 years, then a product influencer for Nike. They also founded and managed a global community service program, Operation SportHelp, donating over 4 tons of athletic gear to aspiring athletes in developing countries.

They are a board member for the LGBT Meeting Planners Association and a Cum Laude graduate in Speech Communication from Portland State University. One of their passions is wine, and they have grown an extensive collection of California Cabernets and French Bordeaux’s.  

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